Well, I’ve finally made it. I’ve been thinking about the UK for a long time, but have actually prayed about visiting for the last year. At the start of every year, I choose to write dreams instead of resolutions; both big and small. Continue reading “#STEPHANIETRAVELJOURNAL : LONDON”


We Don’t Always Have To Always Keep It This Way.


I was thinking about Eddy— a man I randomly encountered yesterday morning as I commuted by train to work in Downtown Los Angeles. I have always loved the main room of the station, and wanted to see it quickly before walking to my office in the opposite direction. Suddenly, I found myself drawn to the tasteful jazz tunes echoing above the movement in the building. There he was: Eddy Shaw, a man who’s moment at the piano which would have a lasting effect on my thinking.

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Keep Your ‘THANK YOU’

Since I was a young child, I was always working toward cultivating a community. I had this drive to pull a group of people together who were about a common cause; whether it was Power Rangers, music or creating a clubhouse in my garage during the summer break (did anyone else do this too?). I liked taking the lead if it would create a space for people having a place to belong and grow together in what they were good at.

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