We Don’t Always Have To Always Keep It This Way.


I was thinking about Eddy— a man I randomly encountered yesterday morning as I commuted by train to work in Downtown Los Angeles. I have always loved the main room of the station, and wanted to see it quickly before walking to my office in the opposite direction. Suddenly, I found myself drawn to the tasteful jazz tunes echoing above the movement in the building. There he was: Eddy Shaw, a man who’s moment at the piano which would have a lasting effect on my thinking.

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Keep Your ‘THANK YOU’

Since I was a young child, I was always working toward cultivating a community. I had this drive to pull a group of people together who were about a common cause; whether it was Power Rangers, music or creating a clubhouse in my garage during the summer break (did anyone else do this too?). I liked taking the lead if it would create a space for people having a place to belong and grow together in what they were good at.

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Be His.


Life moves really fast and I think we all know that – especially if we are bombarded by so many distractions. We’re tossed from the movements of everyday moments and the loudness provided to us simply when we open the lock screens on our phones. It all demands for our attention, and surely, it is important. Somehow, a lot of excess creeps in and we drift into it’s rhythm. Before we have realized it, we’re sailing in a direction we never set out for.

I think that’s what the remainder of 2015 has been for me… Drifting. The fall of 2015 was a hard one to push through. I found myself unmotivated, burned out, tired of keeping up with the rhythm of a sound I did not recognize. It left me stagnant, yet aching for God. Still, as much as I desired Him, I let my eyes shift to the mini distractions that slowly pulled me from staying passionate about Jesus and others. It happens, but it’s not my heart. I was losing myself in the process.

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