You Have My Attention

This morning, I observed a grandfather and his two-year-old granddaughter as they picked a table next to mine. They sat patiently, waiting for their drinks. As the barista called their order, Grandpa rose from his seat as his grandbaby trotted closely behind. They returned to their seats at the table, and with her precious little legs barely hanging off the chair, she inquired her beloved grandfather between sips of her “kid hot chocolate”. Every reply was with such love and gentleness. At times, he broke into a deep chuckle and looked upon her with such unconditional love. She listened intently and trusted his every word. She loved the presence of her granddad. A bond that could not be broken….

I was reminded of God, my Father. He really enjoys my company. He loves when I trot behind Him, imitating His every move and attitude toward others. He isn’t afraid of my inquiries, and answers them with profound wisdom and grace. He delights in my willingness to trust Him and His every word. As I share my stories with him, a deep chuckle fills the room. I know, without a doubt, that I am surrounded by His gentle and unconditional love. I can delight in the present moment with Him.

I am thankful for this revelation this morning. Sometimes I forget and feel alone. Truth is, I have a Father who cares about EVERY detail of my life. I can enjoy His presence every moment, everyday. We are a bond that cannot be broken. He is my attention, and I am His.


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