Just Go Explore: Beach Day In December

I had so much fun running around Laguna Beach with my friend Sara yesterday. I remember when we planned to take this trip a couple of nights before, and I got so excited I could not sleep. There is something about the beach that I love, I could literally be there all day – especially in the colder seasons (I knows I’m weird).

Sometimes people makes comments and say, “Wow Steph, I want to be adventurous and live like you.” Trust me, I have a lot of boring things to take care of too. There is always something unique to be found in the mundane, I believe. I don’t think God wants us to be boring robots. I think He really wants us to enjoy Him and enjoy this world He created for us. So, in between the mundane, I carve out time to have fun. Sometimes all the time I have in a day, to do so, is hang out at Starbucks and do a little writing. Other times, it’s a train into Downtown LA, or a big trip to San Francisco. Somehow this brings me closer to God. I find that I have joy for no other reason at all than living life, having fun and being close to Jesus.

I feel like God looks at my running around and smiles, saying, “She really likes what I made for her.”

I do. πŸ™‚











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