A little bit about me..

5 thoughts on “A little bit about me..”

  1. Hi Stephanie! My name is Elize and I found your blog through Jenn and Cassie Geiger. I started reading one post…and couldn’t stop! Thanks for your insights and words of encouragement.
    Last summer I spent a week with the Geiger’s and photographed Jenn for my project ‘Small Town Girl’. I’m coming back to the US in two weeks to continue the project but this time I’m looking for teenage girls from diverse cultural backgrounds (more info here: http://elizestrydom.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/small-town-girl-usa/). Do you happen to know any small town teen girls (or know of someone who might know someone!) who might be interested? Thanks, Elize

    1. Thanks so much!!! First off, I wrote a new blog today and I’m sorry if you got a billion updates. I realized I needed to fix a few things. lol. Secondly, I’m so grateful that God could even use what I write to bless someone.

      Also, I’m going to think about girls for your project! I’d love to help if I can 🙂

  2. Hey Stephanie! My name is Kayla and I am a graphic design student alllll the way in Cleveland, OH. I am a big supporter of The Giving Keys (which is how I came about finding your Instagram) but what I thought was totally awesome was how great and strong your faith is! It’s really great to see someone talk about scripture and the greatness of God ESPECIALLY on social media! You are such an inspiration! I look forward to your thoughts and revelations about different verses in scripture. It’s great. Also, I just had to ask, since you’re a writer, what is your go-to notebook/journal? I’m always in the market for a great writing tool. Well, thanks for your inspiring and gracious insight on life! God Bless!

    1. Hi Kayla!!!
      Thanks so much for writing me! I love coming across people through the interwebs! Thank you so much for those kind word – you’re a sweet soul. So glad we could connect – what’s your instagram handle?

      As far as writing material goes, I journal with a black moleskin – no lines. 😉 Aside from that, I do extensive writing on Evernote (app). Hope this helps!

    2. Wow! So encouraging! I’m so sorry that I’m just now seeing this message. Thank you, sweet new friend!

      My favorite journal has to be Moleskine- I love everything about it. I also use a Pilot Pen .5 or .38 in case you’re wondering 😉

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