To Worship

If I could choose, based on my feelings, I wouldn’t think now would be the most opportune moment to lead people in worship. I’ve been through so much transition, so much stretching, and a few scratches here and there from my travels. I would think I need more polishing, more completeness, a bigger heart, a stronger prayer life.

Oh God, if I was You looking at me, I would think that I had to learn through a few things before being placed before the multitudes. In hiding, when it’s just me and You, I’m okay there…. I like being alone here with You. How do you see me fit?

And yet, You say NOW. Now is the time to worship. Now is the moment to rejoice. Now is the time to declare my praise. Now is the time for a sacrifice of worship in Spirit & in Truth. Now is the time to enjoy Your presence and share it with the world.

I’m uncomfortable; but even in my raw form, You find that it’s a perfect condition for praise.

It was never about the state that I am in, it was always about Your grace. It was always about the truth that Jesus tore the veil and made a way. It was about the fact that in You, I have it all and I can do it all.

So here I am…
Surrendered to You.
I’ll give You what I have, and I’ll give You my song.



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