On The Track

Run your lane and don’t look down
Run your lane and keep going
Run your lane and don’t look over
Run your lane and slow down if you need to
But don’t try running your lane while looking back

Come to me all who are weary and find rest
Come to me, my child, in your brokenness
Lift your eyes up to the stars above;
Can you see that I am with you?
Can you hear that I am singing over you?

Yes, God, I know you’re here
When the world is chaotic
Or peaceful waters,
I know you are near
Yes God, my eyes searched all around
Yes, God, it caused my mind to doubt
And Lord, forgive me, when I’ve made
this about myself.
I lay me down and enter into your rest
Where love is limitless.

This lane is marked out
My feet on solid ground
My eyes set on you
I’m moving…
I’m moving toward you
Till we meet face to face
I’ll live in passionate pursuit
For the Savior of my soul
My Confidence when weakness is evident
My Hope and Light—
The One who satisfies


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