Life update : Sept 1, 2014

Hi friends,

I hope you all are well! Life is good, God is faithful, and the good city of Los Angeles is getting brighter. I know I don’t use Facebook often, and many of you are like family to me — so here’s the update.

Hillsong LA is growing exponentially. Church in Downtown LA is awesome and 2,000 have made a choice to have a personal relationship with Jesus in the last TWO MONTHS. Crazy, huh? What a joy it is to be in the heartbeat of LA right now.

Secondly, I started another job with a company called The Giving Keys. We are helping provide jobs for those transitioning out of homelessness and it’s amazing. I feel so amazed by this incredible opportunity to take what’s in my hand to bless others. Check out our website

Most importantly, Jesus is good. He’s teaching me to let go of what I know to continually trust Him and abide in His love. He’s shedding my former understandings with new revelations of His grace and truth… I can be a “know-it-all” sometimes and then God says, “Sure, you go ahead and try…” Hahaha. How good is the love of God that He still leads us back on track?? Yeah, he’s good.

Thanks for prayers, and I pray for you all when you come to mind — promise. Have a great this week and keep your eyes on the greatness of our King Jesus. Love you. So very much.



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