10 values in my life.


My awesome friend Pablo tagged me in a post sharing five core values in my life. I got it mixed up and wrote ten, haha. So I thought they’d be good for the blog – It was actually pretty great to write these down and remember what is most important in my life, and I encourage you to try it out sometime 🙂

1. I value authenticity. For those around me, I try to keep things as honest and real as possible. I also value that friends know they can come to me w/out trying to cover up.

2. I value music. Since I was a kid I loved singing. I still sing today at church or home and secretly song write. I also love going to a good show and finding great talent. LA is a good place for finding it.

3. I value time. I think it’s important to use it wisely. I show up to things on time, I spend my time living, and I also have a high priority for a time of rest and letting God speak w/ my undivided attention.

4. I value my relationship with Jesus. His love changed me, and I want to keep knowing this Savior of mine.

5. I value courage. Stepping into the unknown is hard to do. If others lack courage, then I find it an honor to encourage them.

6. I value love. Not the false kind of stuff. I mean the real thing… that decides that it is immovable and untainted. Forgiveness falls in that category too, and if you want to chat about it over coffee, we can.

7. I value traveling. There’s nothing like a great trip to a place you’ve never been to experience something out of the ordinary. Where to next?? Canada??

8. I value community. I value life with people; some live near, some live far. I’m really thankful for such great friends locally and globally. You guys mean a lot to my heart.

9. I value laughter. It’s good for the soul..

10. My parents. They’re not perfect people (good news for me, neither am I) but I love and respect them for all they’ve done & for all they’ve taught me. My parents have showed me how to navigate through life in good and hard times. Thanks, Mom (@soniadluna) and Dad.


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