My Über Driver In San Francisco Reminds Me…

God always reveals something when traveling. I wish my words could measure up, but I know I’ll barely do this story justice.

On my way back to the airport, I was reminded of one word: REVIVAL. It’s a word that has been tossed around so much, but something I heavily believe can and will happen in our country and our world. Since I was a kid, I knew the place I was born in was never on accident. Since last year, I’ve stepped into an unforeseen journey with God, but I have seen so much revealed about what God longs for in our lives.

Today, my Über driver, Binh (means ‘Peace ‘in Vietnamese) and I got into a conversation about generations. This ended up being pretty deep and impacting for both he, myself and my friends.

He mentioned to me, “I’ve been in SF since 1987, but I have never seen a city so different in the last few months. I’ve never seen so many people who weren’t originally from here.” I sat up immediately and replied, “I’ve experienced the same thing in LA!” He says, “yeah, I feel like it’s different – I can’t explain it”. I smiled and said, “oh yeah, I believe something is about to change. LA is experiencing the same thing”.

We continue to talk about how our generations are dynamically different; so different, that they are incomparable. The older generation can be described with words like: hardworking, committed, loyal, faithful… The younger generation is described with words like: pop culture, innovative, busy, entitled, driven..

He asked, “how old are you?”
“I’m 25 years old, sir”
“You’re a wise one. You have insight”
“Credit goes to my parents for that one” I laughed.

I mentioned to him that a real and beautiful change can only happen when two generations learn to work together. The wisdom of an older generation and the passion of the younger will cause a lasting and beautiful change in our country and world. We both believe it and agreed upon it.

He marked me with these words, and I truly believe they were from God. He said, “my generation is depending on your generation now. Our future is in your generation’s leadership.”

I won’t ever forget those words. It’s like God woke me up. People who don’t even believe in God notice something different, and everything is currently falling into place. God is up to something huge.

The greatest move of God will happen. I fully believe it. Are we going to allow it in our generation? The older gen is looking to us young ones. Lead well.


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