Dream On, You’re Allowed To.

5 thoughts on “Dream On, You’re Allowed To.”

  1. Thank you for this post. I am just now finding your blog, but it is speaking to me deeply.

    I have spent the last two months traveling Europe; a desire I have had for many years, but never took the leap to do. As I am ending my travels here, I am constantly thinking what I am to do next. The logical answer is return home, go back to the desk job I didn’t enjoy and the life I was living before, but every fiber of my being tells me that is not what I am suppose to do. I dream of what I will do next, but it seems like what keeps stopping is what I believe my family’s reaction will be to going back to my ‘former’ life. So I want to thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to dream.

    1. Sarah, thank you so much for reaching out. It’s so hard to live the dreams of your hard when we’re worried about the opinions of others. I’m sure your family loves you despite any decision you make. Yes, keep dreaming and keep living out what stirs your heart. Stay in touch, xx

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