Dream On, You’re Allowed To.


  I recently spoke with a mentor-friend of mine. We normally spend a couple of hours on the phone every month and I give her an update on my life since she lives far away. I started talking to her about all these things going on, all the healing taking place and all the dreams which came to pass. Then I said, “I think I only have about two left on my original list I wrote a couple of years ago.”

WHOA. Let’s just stop for a sec, God did ALL that. Like, all of it. I was unqualified for almost all of it, not ready financially, and yet, it was DONE. Crazy…

So I go on to tell her, “Yeah, all I have is to do, is this last thing and..”

She cuts me off, “Steph, your dreams are good, but God wants you to dream bigger. Let your imagination run wild. These dreams you have are too small. It’s time to go big.”

Silence on my end. 

What is it about someone telling you that you’re allowed to dream? That’s the power of a mentor and a good circle of friends. They don’t let you settle for the staus-quo. They don’t let you get away with living a life that is too manageable. If we confess Sunday after Sunday, “He is great and mighty” and “Great is Your faithfulness” then we must allow it to be more than a song and let God do it in our lives. 

Dreaming is hard to do. Especially in this loud culture we live in that tries to shape it for us. In this context, the mere fact that I can go ahead and have a great desire in my heart to give over to God, is seriously a wild thought in and of itself! Maybe it’s because my family didn’t have much growing up, and I have this mindset I’m overcoming about being okay with receiving. It is constantly challenging my faith and I have to release a spirit of poverty, realizing that I deserve to be loved, to have time for myself, work hard in a job I love, making a proper salary and knowing that blessings from God are actually okay when remaining humble about it.

Its scary to dream. To think that your dreams can be the type that don’t make logical sense. To think that they could take you places you have never been, and you don’t know what to expect. Dreaming is scary because I have to challenge this human feeling within that wants to control it all, making sure that all my “i’s” are dotted and my “t’s” are crossed. Yet, God wants to teach me about His faithfulness, and about His favor. When you’re faithful with little, you’ll be faithful with much because He knows what you’ll do with the things He gives to you.

I’m looking out through the windows of this coffee shop and I’m allowed to dream. God is asking me to see what I don’t see — sounds familiar, the Bible is filled with lots of stories like that. I’m allowed to fold my arms into my chest and lean back, because I want to be the trusting type and He wants to continue showing me that He definitely is the catching type. 

So, here it goes, I’m pulling out the ol’ journal and pen. Time to jot out some absolutely out-of-my-hands vision. Who knows where we’ll go, who knows what we’ll see, who knows who we’ll meet.

But I must keep dreaming dreams.

I’m writing this because I want you to know, that wherever you find yourself today, you’re allowed to dream. You’re allowed to live the God-idea in your heart. If you have them, step out with all the faith mustered up. If you don’t have an idea, pray and ask God to reveal them.

Go ahead, you’re allowed.


5 thoughts on “Dream On, You’re Allowed To.

  1. Thank you for this post. I am just now finding your blog, but it is speaking to me deeply.

    I have spent the last two months traveling Europe; a desire I have had for many years, but never took the leap to do. As I am ending my travels here, I am constantly thinking what I am to do next. The logical answer is return home, go back to the desk job I didn’t enjoy and the life I was living before, but every fiber of my being tells me that is not what I am suppose to do. I dream of what I will do next, but it seems like what keeps stopping is what I believe my family’s reaction will be to going back to my ‘former’ life. So I want to thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to dream.

    1. Sarah, thank you so much for reaching out. It’s so hard to live the dreams of your hard when we’re worried about the opinions of others. I’m sure your family loves you despite any decision you make. Yes, keep dreaming and keep living out what stirs your heart. Stay in touch, xx

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