5 Ways the Excellent Live

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I was asked to share on “Excellence” with my team this week in our Marketing Meeting at The Giving Keys and took some time to jot down what I’ve learned or am learning about being excellent and producing it too. Whatever you do for your vocation or occupation, I hope this little bit of knowledge helps you out.

The root of excellence starts with the heart.

Excellence is carried out by a commitment to living full and giving based on it. You cannot give on empty.

Excellence isn’t perfection. Rather, it is taking the best of what we have and offering generously. We don’t offer the last fraction of our ideas, but the best; which means, everything we do matters.
If our commitment is “excellence in the workplace” how do we set ourselves, and one another, up for it?
1. SELF CARE: sleep, boundries with time, eat healthy, engage in healthy conversations, and help someone out weekly. Whatever makes you, you! This is where you will draw ideas from. Good ideas come from the space we create.
2. SHOW UP EARLY – you’ll have less stress + a vision for the day or week. Showing up early is on time, and on time is late. What you value shows in the way you offer your time – whether you think so or not. Plus, it gives you time to talk to people, laugh or offer aid. You never know what kind of extraordinary thing can happen in your day.
3. AFTER PRODUCING, ASK IF YOU GAVE YOUR BEST. This will lead to future ideas to implement, helping you + your team grow in the next phase.
4. Like the way a boat leaves it’s wake on the water, ask yourself if you left a good wake with your team: Did you help problem solve? Support your team members? Stay honest and transparent through the process? Most importantly, did you bring joy to the process? Light hearts are built to last.
5. YOU REPRESENT AN IDEA THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOURSELF. If we make it more about creatively impacting others + celebrating the victories through it, we won’t grow weary of producing continually.
Most importantly, live to impact, not impress.

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