Be His.

Life moves really fast and I think we all know that - especially if we are bombarded by so many distractions. We're tossed from the movements of everyday moments and the loudness provided to us simply when we open the lock screens on our phones. It all demands for our attention, and surely, it is … Continue reading Be His.


5 Ways the Excellent Live

I was asked to share on "Excellence" with my team this week in our Marketing Meeting at The Giving Keys and took some time to jot down what I've learned or am learning about being excellent and producing it too. Whatever you do for your vocation or occupation, I hope this little bit of knowledge … Continue reading 5 Ways the Excellent Live

Into the Ocean // A Note on Grace

There has, since my young age, been this deep admiration for the ocean. It's beauty leaves me speechless, it's magnitutude I cannot comprehend, it's song is unforgettable, and by it's very touch I am drawn to it more and more. To admire from the shore is a wonderful thing. I spent many days seated on … Continue reading Into the Ocean // A Note on Grace