Changing Seasons

I remember when a season of my life had abruptly come to an end. All that filled my mind was, "Everything's changing... It's nothing like it was.. How? Why?". There was no way back into that stage of life. My heart continued to ache over every adjusted detail. I found myself in the aftermath of … Continue reading Changing Seasons


Blabbing: Learning Curves

Stayed in today. At first, it was easy, then frustrating, and now I’m much more relaxed. Sometimes I have to force myself to rest.. I’m glad I did. I decided to recently write a list of all the things that made me happy. I’ll probably post them tomorrow. Sometimes, I need to do the things … Continue reading Blabbing: Learning Curves

Just Go Explore: Beach Day In December

I had so much fun running around Laguna Beach with my friend Sara yesterday. I remember when we planned to take this trip a couple of nights before, and I got so excited I could not sleep. There is something about the beach that I love, I could literally be there all day – especially … Continue reading Just Go Explore: Beach Day In December

You Have My Attention

This morning, I observed a grandfather and his two-year-old granddaughter as they picked a table next to mine. They sat patiently, waiting for their drinks. As the barista called their order, Grandpa rose from his seat as his grandbaby trotted closely behind. They returned to their seats at the table, and with her precious little … Continue reading You Have My Attention

He’s Leading Me On

Winds of change
 I felt its presence
 Moving ever so gently 
 In the months that passed Winds of change 
My heart enlightened
 No longer troubled
 No longer afraid I found my destination 
I found my home 
I found peace for my aching soul 
 I found restoration 
For every dream again 
In the One … Continue reading He’s Leading Me On